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MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken
MicFlow Kraken

MicFlow Kraken

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MicFlow Kraken Sound Card is exactly what you need if you want to get your podcast, radio shows, Twitch streams, or music recordings off the ground easily but you aren´t sure what gear to buy. It is so easy and intuitive to use that you can jump headfirst into podcasting within minutes, and focus on providing valuable content and interacting with your audiences rather than being distracted by the complicated operations.

It offers four channels of audio mixing and easy connections to microphones, smartphones, and other sources; uses advanced engineering that allows the user to control the sound levels and add live vocal and sound effects through a comprehensive set of tools to avoid laborious post-production and editing, it also comes with an accompaniment input to enrich your content with a dual microphone input for two people live stream

Independent microphone and accompanying volume control


Sidechain feature to emphasize vocals; Four pitch changers; Four immersive reverb modes; 12-Step electronic music key control for more accurate vocals and advanced noise-canceling algorithm to reduce ambient noise




Three analog outputs; Stream to multiple devices USB-C for easier connection with computers



Compatible with Windows and Mac OS 





Built-in battery, up to 8 hours of off-grid operations


This sound card provides users with 4 custom sound effects buttons. Users can record audio clips and import them to the sound card through a microphone or an external sound source to use these sound effects in live broadcasts.

There are six function buttons in this area, which are: EFFECT - PITCH- MUSIC ONLY- DENOISE- PK- SIDE CHAIN.

Does this work with a USB mic?
- It does support a USB mic. 
Can I utilize Skype for interviews and set up a mix-minus with it?
Yes. Either using Skype phone app via Bluetooth or USB to the computer. 
Can I add additional microphones / headphones?
- Yes, you can purchace the Kraken Kit that comes with a Mic or use one you already own.

Does it come with a connector for recording? 
-Yes, it comes with all the cable cords you´ll need.
Can it take more than one phone call at a time? I have two people in different parts of the country that need to be on at the same time.

- Yes, you can connect up to two smartphones, so you can have two different calls at the same time and record them. You can also use any conference app like Skype, Slack, or just a regular conference call.


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